24 October

Improving conversion rates for your website-part TWO

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So one of the most irritating aspects of website commerce (and in my opinion will affect your conversion rate EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.) is how difficult you make it for your client or customer to get what they need from your site. I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve gone to a website fully […]

15 October

Improving Conversion Rates for your website-Part ONE!

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Ok-so I’m not a huge “online Charlie” when it comes to tech stuff (a little short code here and there, but nothing huge, and I feel like I’ve been learning every day for years). BUT I write a lot of content. Brochures, web, white papers, case studies, speeches, etc. As we’ve heard a million times, […]

30 September

6 new content types you can use to engage your audience more effectively!

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When looking for ideas for content marketing on Facebook, I came across some interesting ideas which I thought I’d share. Also recommend checking this out-thank you to Lohith Ramachandra for this good blog post I’m tagging! 1. Pictionary as an efficient type of content to build engagement 2. You can actually have a different version […]

18 September

Mobile is the new frontier

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These days more and more people are using mobile devices to access websites. For me personally, when watching TV I tend to carry my mobile phone with me. When I see an interesting ad, I tend to browse about that company (you can blame my husband for leading this smartphone charge in our home).   […]

11 September

Food for thought-poisoning a well

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I read a great blog post today-it spoke to me on a few levels. Perhaps one of the most telling sentences of the theme is this: So many people are doing such a poor job of representing the space that they’re poisoning the well for everyone else. This is especially true for marketing and sales […]