Blogging tip!

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When I was in 7th grade I had a teacher assign us a journal for the year. Basically we were mandated to write in the darn thing at least 3 times a week, and then it was read (weird) and graded. Not necessarily on the content, but to ensure completion. At this point I knew the English language and was fluent, but it was daunting seeing my thoughts on paper, and I initially hated this assignment. I guess I was thinking in more than one language, and that’s usually tough to represent on paper. It took the entire first semester to get comfortable, and I’m not really sure what the purpose of this process was, but in it I found freedom. I wrote and wrote and wrote sometimes-thoughts, feelings…whatever. I wrote about how much I hated that day’s math assignment, about ballet, I wrote about how I thought someday I wanted to be a pilot. And I wrote without the fear of my teacher reading it (I’ll say it again-weird that she read them). I don’t know what she ever thought about what I wrote, but I remember I received an “A”. It was nice-so few times are you able to write without fear of someone judging your penmanship or less than stellar content. I didn’t know that then. I haven’t felt that freedom since.

The reason I wrote about that story is because today, as I was working on a client schedule with recommendations for a blog, I remembered MY blog. What? Yeah. This thing, on my website. I so often forget about me in this consulting gig. Blogs are so hard and so easy to write at the same time. When I actually take the time to do it I feel they flow naturally, but I so often let others things get in the way of doing them. And I think that’s relatively normal for most people-yet I constantly remind my clients that the blog is the window into your professional brain-a way to give yourself a voice in a sea of many. It can be a fantastic way to communicate your USP and your Mission, Vision and Values. And of course it can be a great place to discuss new products or services.

I usually recommend that people set aside time to create a functional editorial calendar that they can adhere to. Something realistic-once a week…once every two. Whatever they feel is manageable. Many people do not have the luxury of a marcom professional who does this for them. Topics that are based around your area of expertise or the current climate or legislative issues work nicely. I always prefer a conversational style-and I really don’t know that I care if you use an oxford comma. Having an editorial calendar will make all the difference in the world when it comes to writing your blog, because you won’t have to think about a topic. Yeah, now about that editorial calendar I was recommending…