Oh dear!

Posted on Dec 10, 2013 in Blog | No Comments

So it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. This is due to the fact I’ve been working tirelessly on a new product which we’ll be working to implement with our clients. My love in marketing has to be creating, innovating and implementing brand strategies. I’ve been doing it for years-it’s so much more than a logo development project or a messaging platform. Unveiling my hard work- is a soon to be trademarked process I’m calling Brand Camp™-it’s essentially a process by which to build a solid brand platform that works for the customer to help them develop their brand and consistently message and promote, effectively instituting their brand in the marketplace. It’s been so fun-and I like the name (catchy I think). What’s even more strange is I formulate these ideas in the middle of the night-often waking at 3AM to either run down to the computer or dictate into my phone. I used to use a scratch pad by my bed, but I realized my handwriting is terrible when I’m fully awake, and even less decipherable when I’m half asleep. So what this blog post is-a confessional of my crazy? An admission of my marketing obsession? A declaration of my insomnia? No-but I thought maybe I’d go ahead and chat a little about what’s been obsessing me lately. Happy holidays to you!