Improving conversion rates for your website-part TWO

Posted on Oct 24, 2013 in Blog | No Comments

So one of the most irritating aspects of website commerce (and in my opinion will affect your conversion rate EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.) is how difficult you make it for your client or customer to get what they need from your site. I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve gone to a website fully intending to purchase/subscribe/follow etc etc. and it starts to be cumbersome and I leave. I leave a basket of goodies, I leave a partially filled out form…I just leave.

Take a good, honest look at your site. If possible, do some testing.

1. Lead gen is very important, but are you asking for too much information in sign up? The wonderful thing about having someone in your database is you can continue to go back to them and ask questions, opinions and more! Don’t negate that opportunity by having to know everything up front.

2.How about your checkout process-is it streamlined and intuitive? Many times I’ve had items in my cart, but they just want my address one too many times, and they want more than my credit card and contact information. The faster you get them through checkout or information submission, the less time they have to think about it. Consider giving people who visit your site regularly a PIN number or quick access code to zip them through the process.

3.How about the payment options-do you have more than one or two? Today’s financial situations require some options. Perhaps even allowing someone to pay on two different cards could mean the difference between a sale and a cart that has been abandoned.

4.Try linking your products/offerings-one of my favorite selling techniques I’ve seen on websites is when I put something in my cart, I am told that other customers also purchased X or that based on my purchase of X we’d like to refer you to Y. Sometimes this stuff is right one the mark-other times not so much. But the positive in this is if there is a hit, it’s usually a big one and can make that buyer of one or two things a buyer of 10! A person looking to download one white paper is suddenly downloading three and a case study. It can work in any scenario.

5.Make sure your forms WORK. There is nothing more aggravating than forms that do not work, I don’t care what anyone says. Especially when you have a mandatory field(s). I see this a great deal on applicant tracking systems also. If you’re going to require anything, then you better ensure that field is intuitive and operational, or it shouldn’t be up. This means keeping a close eye on your scripts and  a close eye on your site, regularly if not daily. Make sure it is optimized for a number of browsers and that it is functional-all of the time.

6. Use Google analytics to help you investigate shortcomings of your site. Using destination goal settings, tracking, funnels, you can see where your leads go, track conversions and sight any problems within a short time. This particular technique is often overlooked and can give you a significant insight quickly, and can help you keep from playing guessing games with the effectiveness of your web strategy.