Improving Conversion Rates for your website-Part ONE!

Posted on Oct 15, 2013 in Blog | No Comments

iStock_000008778151XSmall-percentOk-so I’m not a huge “online Charlie” when it comes to tech stuff (a little short code here and there, but nothing huge, and I feel like I’ve been learning every day for years). BUT I write a lot of content. Brochures, web, white papers, case studies, speeches, etc. As we’ve heard a million times, content is king. And definitely the key player in conversion rates for websites. Conversion rates are defined as “the conversion rate is the proportion of visits to a website who take action to go beyond a casual content view or website visit, as a result of subtle or direct requests from marketers, advertisers, and content creators”. I stole that exact definition from Wiki-because I can. Remember when it was cool to have an encyclopedia set? Jeez-I’d be lost.
Let’s start off the discussion with headlines and value propositions. Not only is the headline one of the first things a person sees when on your site, but did you know that on average only 20% of people continue on to the material on the website after reading the headline?
The goal any headline is always to compel the reader to want to see what comes next.
Here are some tips for landing page headline testing:
1. Keep it simple and clear, as clarity almost always trumps persuasion, e.g. “We’ll Improve Your Conversion Rates, Guaranteed.”
2. Promise to solve a unique problem the reader is facing.
3. Does your headline match what your ad is saying? If not, test this out to see the power of consistency. Admittedly this is harder sometimes than it would seem…
4. Use Title Case for Your Headlines and Subhead case for your subheads-keeps away the visual confusion.
5. Start it off as a question. For example: Want More X For Less $?
6. There’s a reason that gossip magazines stay in business, and it’s not the gossip as much as it is their ability to engage the reader. “BROKEN! The heart of starlet left at the altar!”
7. Use words that sell.
8. Try humor.
9. Instructions and numbers are two things that are low to no fail options-27 ways to change your life! How to make homemade dinners in 5 minutes!

Here’s another little trick: The Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer is a free tool that lets you test different variations of your headline, and then gives you a percentage score telling you whether your headline is more intellectual, empathetic, or spiritual and what emotional marketing value it has.

The higher the percentage, the more emotional marketing power there is in your headline. The more emotion, the more compelling, the more compelling…well you get the idea. Also, this emotion thing works with just about every aspect of marketing. Including speeches. Hello? I’m giving you a window into life here!

Much like your headline, the value proposition unique to your business, like your USP, and similar to what you’d want to communicate in your headline. Keep it tight and identifiable. Nobody can identify a VP when it’s buried under a pile of unnecessary prose. Trust me on this. The more flowery, the more irritating.

If you know the pain points and fears your potential customer is facing, this should help you write a headline and value proposition specifically tailored to them. And voila! Your amazing headline is now complete!