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A few of the things we can do for your organization.

Business Development Support & Integration Business Development Support & Integration

Your business development strategies must include many components in support of your efforts. If your sales/business development cannot convey your messaging and value, your revenue is affected.

Events & Promotions Events & Promotions

From marketing strategy to creative concepts, management and execution of events and promotions, details are covered and your brand is illuminated.

Brand Strategy Brand Strategy

Whether you are creating a new brand or giving your current brand a facelift, ensure your brand is positioned for success and develop unique selling proposition(s) setting you apart from your competition.

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30 April

Sales and Marketing letters-the write stuff (see what I did there?)

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Today I was helping some clients with sales and marketing letters. It’s an interesting thing to write a letter to someone you don’t know-but it’s a great way to reach out and follow up, create some dialogue with a customer, and create an action, whatever that action may be. But the constant question I’ve been […]

What makes us different?

We strive to be different, but not in the expected ways. While so many firms try to differentiate themselves on “gimmicky” processes, we feel our differentiators are in our abilities to deliver excellent, targeted services, marketplace understanding and insight. We work with your team to ensure your buy-in begins internally. Limelight makes the following promises to each client-our relationship with you is our most important asset.

1. We are reliable. Our services are there when you need them and we are there when you need us.

2. We listen. To your business, your team and your customers, listening to your experts helps us to deliver the most impactful services possible.

3.  We bring your organization the best there is. This includes the most  relevant developments in our industry and yours, and we help you to make the most informed possible decisions regarding your marketing efforts.

4. We provide efficiency. No firm can be all things for all needs. We partner with other notable industry professionals and make connections if we see a valuable fit for your organization.

5. We succeed if you succeed. Based on years of working with many different consultants and vendors, this firm was founded on the principle of what’s good for you will be good for us. Your revenue, your top-of-mind market resonance, your brand and event success is all a reflection of what we can do, together.

6. We bill according to project. As long as there have been agencies, people have been obsessing with an hourly rate. Not with us. Whether it takes us 100 hours to complete a task or 5, you will be charged what we quote you. What does this mean for you? Call us up to discuss your thoughts, bring us in on corporate meetings so we can understand your needs better, have us meet your team. Know what you’ll be charged at the end of the project like you did at the beginning. Same price, same professionalism, better access to satisfy your needs.